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Way Of Life Holiday Fitness Challenge!!






Below we’ve put together some workouts you can do at home, at the park or at the beach during the holidays!  Make sure to post them on Facebook each time you complete a workout!! 

I can’t believe the holidays are actually upon us already!

It seems like we were just trick-or-treating, now we’re already into the later part of December!

Time really does seem to go faster and faster each year, doesn’t it?

Things have really changed since last year at this time.  Last year we were just getting started with our NEW Way Of Life Boot Camp location here in Oceanside, Ca.

Now, we’ve got a full staff of ROCK-STAR instructors, we now have specialty transformation programs for Dad’s, Mom’s and Adventure Racers, we’re now working with amazing organizations like Gilead Biosciences, Solutions For Change, Motivating the Masses, MPI (Mindset Performance Institute), Fit 4 Truth, and the Oceanside School District.

…and we’ve helped our clients lose over 10,000 pounds of fat!!!

We’ve come a long way in one year!  Thank-you for being part of this amazing journey!!

…and now, for the Way Of Life Boot Camp Holiday Workout Challenge!!

How many workouts can you complete from now until January 1st?  Ready…Set…Go!!

Holiday Challenge Workouts

buff santa

At Home:




20 jumping jacks


10 slow squats


15 hip raises






10 Push-ups


10 Ice skaters


10 Jump squats


10 Hip raises




15 Push-ups


15 Ice skaters


15 Jump squats


15 Hip raises


THEN…continue this pattern adding reps consecutively until you’ve reached:


Beginner Level – Until you’ve reached 30 reps!


Intermediate Level – Until you’ve reached 50 reps!


Advanced Level – Until you’ve reached 70 reps!!


Elite Advanced Level – Until you’ve reached 100 reps!!!!!


COOL DOWN- walk for 2 minutes


Seated stretches routine


Standing quad stretch


Hip flexor stretches


At Home



 #2) Full Body “SC 300” for Functional Strength (SC = Strength and Conditioning)




Jog in place for about 1 minute, loosen up shoulders with big arm circles


30 jumping jacks


20 easy twists side-to-side to loosen up the back


10 slow push ups


20 arm-leg extensions from hands and knees tabletop position


10 Squats with tip-toe balance at the top of each rep



 Full Body “SC 300” for Functional Strength (SC = Strength and Conditioning)


50 Walking lunges w/ twist towards forward knee (back straight, rest periodically if needed, perfect form only)


50 Arm-leg extensions done in sets of 20, with a brief 20-second “child’s pose stretch” in between each set.


50 Wide stance “Sumo” squats with wood chopper.  Use a 5 to 12 pound weight or medicine ball, reach diagonally down toward right foot for 25 reps and chop upwards over opposite shoulder on the up motion, then switch to other side for 25 reps.  Full range, all the way down with weight into the heals, tempo is 2 seconds down, 1 second pause, 2 seconds up.


50 Supermans (or superwomans)- lying on stomach raising legs and upper torso in the air with control, 10 reps, then “childs pose stretch” for 20 seconds between each set.  Last rep of last 2 sets hold the last rep up for a 10 second hold.


50 Push-up to plank twist.  Do a push-up from knees or feet, then twist with one-arm up pointed to ceiling and pause, then do other side for a total of 50 reps.  Rest when necessary.


50 One-leg toe touches, opposite hand to opposite foot.  This is a one-leg squat, not a straight-leg deadlift, so bend your knee and drop your hips back.  Minimize twisting at the torso and keep the eyes forward with the back straight.


COOL DOWN- walk for 2 minutes


Seated stretches routine


Standing quad stretch


Hip flexor stretches





 #3) Holiday “Jingle-Bell-y-fat Blast” Fat-Incineration Routine




20 Jumping jacks


20 squats


10 push-ups


10 seconds mountain climber


Loosen up shoulders, hips, ankles, wrists




Holiday “Jingle-Bell-y-fat Blast” Fat-Incineration Routine


30 Push-ups (beginners do 10)


30 Squat jumps


15 Inverted rows (find a bar at the park where you can do inverted back rows)


30 Burpees


30 Mountain Climbers


30 Jacknife crunches (reach arms to feet, bring hips and shoulder blades off of ground, lightly tap ankles to ground, keep hands under glutes for back support and keep neutral spine throughout.  Beginners do 10, intermediate do 20).


REPEAT 5 TIMES – (take water breaks when necessary)





Don't you know there are NO QUICK FIXES, Mr. Grinch!!

Don’t you know there are NO QUICK FIXES, Mr. Grinch!!



20 Jumping jacks


20 squats


10 push-ups


10 seconds mountain climber


Loosen up shoulders, hips, ankles, wrists




Sprint 3’s (all in one excise, then rest period, repeat 5x’s)


Sprint hard for 5 seconds hard, drop and do 10 push-ups


Sprint hard for 5 seconds hard, drop and do 10 mountain climbers


Sprint hard for 5 seconds hard, drop and do 10 burpees


Take a 1 minute walking rest, then repeat 10x’s!!!!


(Beginner’s repeat 4 to 6 times, intermediate 6 to 8 times)


OR…another way to do it…


As many times as possible for 30 minutes!!


At the Oceanside Pier Amphitheater

anthony bear crawl stairs

#5) “Santa’s Slim-Down Oceanside Pier Holiday Workout”!!


Warm – up – Jog up and down the courtyard in front of the Amphitheater stage 4 times.  20 walking lunges.


“Santa’s Slim-Down Oceanside Pier Holiday Workout”!!

8 sets of stairs (go up one side, skip over two sets of stairs one step at a time, come down and repeat 8 times)


On the bottom of the amphitheater 12 slow push-ups, 12 dips, run to the top of stairs skipping steps if you can, then at the top 12 bodyweight inverted back rows on the bar.


Beginner repeat 3 times


Intermediate repeat 4 times


Advanced repeat 5 times


Santa’s chimney conditioning bear crawls down the stairs!!

Beginners can skip this one!


Intermediate – Jog up the stairs, brief rest, then bearcrawl down 5 times


Advanced – Bearcrawl backwards up the stairs, brief rest, bearcrawl back down, 5 times!!


Happy Holidays!!


Forrest, Anthony, Vanessa, Zach and the Way Of Life Team


Disclaimer:  Please get approval from your doctor before trying this or any other diet or exercise program.  ;  )




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5 ‘Way Of Life’ Steps to Stay Strong and Create Your Best Life – Body, Mind, and Spirit!

5 ‘Way Of Life’ Steps to Stay Strong and Create Your Best Life – Body, Mind, and Spirit!

1) HAVE A VISION.  No matter where you are in your life, or what situation you’re in, things can always improve and get better.  Your VISION of yourself is more than just a dream.  The greatest successes in the world use visualization to accomplish their goals, and/or to make their life better!  As you work on your vision, you will have the opportunity to help others along the way, just like Beau and the Fit 4 Truth team!

WAY OF LIFE MINDSET EXERCISE:  VISUALIZE Every day, or even at night before you sleep, visualize your best life.

Give yourself permission to SEE and FEEL in your mind your dreams and wishes and play that visualization in your mind like a “mental movie”.  Things in your life might not change right away, BUT eventually they will!  All you have to do is to keep FAITH that things will happen for you!

Watch this video on how famous actor and comedian, Jim Carrey, learned the power of having a vision and playing the “mental movie” in his life

2) CREATE GOALS AND WRITE THEM DOWN.  Dreams and visions without goals can remain dreams and visions and ultimately lead to disappointment.  Write down your long-term and short-term goals.

What are your REALLY BIG GOALS?  What are some smaller goals you can do day by day to get to your bigger, long-term goals?  For example, if you want to be a football player, write that down as your goal.

Now write 3 – 5 things you can do daily to support that goal.  Perhaps practice throwing a football for 20 minutes a day.  Maybe you don’t have access to a football, can you find a book at the library so you can read about other successful players?  What if you don’t have access to a book, can you find someone to interview, a video to watch, can you learn football plays from Youtube videos?

You MUST be creative and list out several short-term goals you can do daily so that you can actualize your dream of your long-term goal and vision.

WAY OF LIFE MINDSET EXERCISE: WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS Start a journal and write down 3 – 5 long-term goals, and for each long-term goal write down 3 – 5 short-term goals to support that long-term goal.

Now watch this video of famous actor, Denzel Washington, as he talks to his acting students about the importance of setting goals!

3) CONNECT WITH THE POWER OF GRATITUDE DAILY.  So often in life we are focused on what we don’t have, or how our life or current situation “sucks” and all the things we don’t want in our lives.  The truth is, the more you focus on something, the more you bring it into your life!  So if you keep focusing on how much money you don’t have, you attract more “poorness” into your life!  If you keep focusing on how lonely you are, you bring more feelings of isolation and loneliness into your life!

BUT if you focus on things you are grateful for, then it immediately shifts your emotional state, and your mental state, and you start attracting more of the things you are grateful for into your life.  Now, a question you might ask yourself is “is this real?”.  And you may even think you don’t believe in the power of gratitude…as if it were some type of illusory magical power.  After all, you may be a “very realistic” person and feel that there are no miracles or magic in this world.

Well, to that I say, there are 2 ways you can choose to live life.  You can live life like nothing is a miracle, or you can live life like EVERYTHING is a miracle.  It’s really up to you.  But let me ask you, which viewpoint will benefit YOU more in your life?

WAY OF LIFE MINDSET EXERCISE: 5 THINGS YOU ARE GRATEFUL FOR Write down, or say out loud (or even quietly to yourself), 5 things that you are grateful for every morning.  Write them down in your journal.  Notice how you FEEL when you focus on gratitude, and stay aware of things in your life that you start to attract because you are regularly practicing the power of gratitude.

Watch this video on the power of gratitude to get a better understanding of how this can work in your life!

4) TAKE MASSIVE, IMPERFECT ACTION DAILY.  One of the things we teach our clients at Way Of Life Boot Camp is how to take massive, imperfect action every day.  We can’t wait for the perfect time.  We can’t wait for other people.  We can’t wait for the perfect situation.  We can take action NOW!  …and you can’t be perfect at first.  You don’t need to be!  Don’t be afraid to fail, but all the most successful people in this world have failed over and over and over again.  If it were easy, everybody would do it.  Don’t go for easy, go for extra-ordinary!

Follow your dreams, and take massive, imperfect actions.  Greatness is doing a lot of small things well, day after day.  Don’t let your fear, or pain of being “embarrassed” stop you from achieving your dreams!

WAY OF LIFE MINDSET EXERCISE:  TAKE ACTION Do something that will help you move toward your goals and dreams, but that doesn’t come easy to you, or that you’re afraid of doing.  If you have a hard time writing, then do some writing.  If you have a hard time speaking to others, then start by speaking to someone.  If you have a hard time getting organized, then spend time getting organized.  If you have hard time reading, then spend time reading.  Take massive, imperfect action – NOW!

…and watch this video to help you get inspired to take that action!

5) FORGIVE, AND ACCEPT FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR LIFE.  Accepting full responsibility for your life doesn’t mean that things that happened to you were your fault, or that you created all the events in your life so you should be the one to blame.  What it really means is that because you are aware NOW of where you are in your life, you can take full responsibility for your attitude, your outlook, your perspective, your actions, and yourself from here forward.  To really claim your life, and start living your life to YOUR fullest, you must accept and claim responsibility.

This is the only way you can be truly free.  Why?  Because now you can choose!  You can choose to forgive, to stop blaming, and move forward.  Forgiveness doesn’t mean that if someone wronged you it was ok.  Forgiveness means you don’t have to carry the pain and guilt with you anymore.  Keeping hate, anger, or resentment for something or someone that hurt you is like if you were drinking poison and expecting it to kill your enemy.

REMEMBER: You release whatever you forgive.  The person, situation, or event can no longer have power over you once you fully forgive.

When you claim responsibility it means you stop blaming past situations, people, and events.  If you keep blaming, you keep giving away your power!  When you claim responsibility, you have full power over your life!  Oprah Winfrey was once poor.  Oprah Winfrey was raped by her uncle as a child.  Oprah Winfrey was once miserable and afraid of life.  Oprah Winfrey was once told she was not suited for television.  Oprah Winfrey was once very overweight and insecure about her body.

Today, Oprah Winfrey has taken complete responsibility for her life.  She is now a billionaire.  She is now one of the most recognized and famous people on the planet.  She is at peace with herself and everyone who ever hurt her in her life.  Today, Oprah, lives the life of her dreams.

WAY OF LIFE MINDSET EXERCISE: FORGIVENESS LETTER Write a letter to who you need to forgive, even if it’s to yourself, or someone who is dead or no longer in your life (you don’t have to give anyone the letter).  In the letter, forgive and release the person for what they did and completely release them from having any power over you.  When you’re done, you can tear up the letter and throw it in the garbage, and when you tear it up, visualize the complete release of any power that person or event once had over you.  You can choose to be free!

Watch these videos of Oprah to see how she how she now views her ability to take full responsibility in her life today.




BONUS – A body/mind/spirit fitness challenge for YOU!!

One of the cool things that we were a part of this past year was being on the team with Guinness World Record breaker, George Hood, as he held the abdominal plank for 5 hours, 15 minutes, and 15 seconds, and gaining the new world title.  I was honored to be part of the team, and I actually got to be an official timekeeper for George as he held the plank for over 5 long hours!

If you’ve never heard of the plank, it’s an isometric exercise where you hold a straight position from elbows to your toes, and it works on the abdominal muscles as well as other muscles in the core and in the entire body.  It’s a very challenging exercise and most people cannot do this for more than 1 minute!  Here’s a video of George so you can see when he broke the record!

Our challenge to YOU is to hold the plank for 1 minute without dropping!  Remember, you can’t lift your hips up, or let them sag down!  You MUST remain in a straight body position, and if you move out of it, then you MUST stop the timer!  That is your score!  Keep working on this every day or every other day until YOU can complete a 1-minute plank hold!  This is your challenge!

What if 1-minute is too easy for you?

Remember, everyone is different, and ALL efforts should be applauded!  At Way Of Life Boot Camp, we encourage those around us to do their best, and always give words of encouragement to others without trying to act “better” than them.  It’s about team work and collaboration, not competition and seeing who is better.  The only person you compete against is yourself, and you beat yourself by getting better every week!

With that said, we want you to go for 5-minutes as a goal if you can do a 1-minute plank!


Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor before attempting this, or any other exercise or diet program.


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