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Eating good

You got to plan! 

So we all know that everyone’s day to day life is super busy! No matter if it’s work or school or family or all of the above life is hectic and most of the time quick and easy meals mean FAST FOOD and as always as soon as you finish eating you feel gross. The quick and easy route doesn’t have to derail health and fitness goals, it doesn’t have to make you feel gross because you know you really shouldn’t have had that cheap burger and coke.Planning for success usually starts in the kitchen! Taking a day ,I usually take a Sunday morning to prep my families meals especially when I know for sure it’s going to be a hectic one. With school and kids sports practices it becomes a chore to think of how I’m going to get home at four and make dinner by five. As long as it may take and the mess usually drives me crazy but the outcome is ease throughout the week! Having a go to meal ready to eat makes eating and staying healthy the easiest part of my day.
If you don’t have time to meal prep or you think it isn’t something you are going to be good at ,I have found so many companies who will do it for you ! It’s such a big spark in meal prep businesses that it makes eating healthy basically the only option. You can have someone make you just dinners or three meals a day. Having a well portioned meal ready and delivered to you is perfection and one less thing you need to worry about! If you think a meal prep company is something you want to look into please please contact someone at the Way of life facility and they can point you in the right direction! I myself have tried a meal prepping company and I did it through a fellow Way of life member! I’m going to include the company name and information below.
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To motivate

You ever wonder what motivates certain people? Like how does he get up that early and run three miles, or how does she not look like death after working out, going to work then coming home to her family? You ever watch Kobe in his prime? Ask yourself how a man can score so many points in one half. What motivates people from the star athlete to the working mom. Is there something motivating you? 

Personally and honestly I feel like I lack motivation and that’s why I got involved with Way of life to begin with. I’ve heard many personal stories from the men & women who come to boot camps and its people from all walks of life, the dad, the career woman , the  former athlete and really if you can’t find motivation within yourself I urge you to go and speak to some of the people at the way of life facility . It basically bleeds motivation. You see people trying , you see the struggle and you think oh my god I can do this just like them!Its like a switch that goes off in your mind.In light of Kobe Bryant retiring this month and him being one of the greatest athletes in my head I was forced to add a small video of him telling us all what being the best for himself and how it really isn’t about how you feel but how your motivation can motivate others. So please see that below !

I also wanted to include a little part for those of you who are in that struggle with me trying to find the motivation to help yourself  and not only to get healthy but be happy,health is happiness, when you are able to feel good about yourself it’s like your days have a little more joy in them, maybe it’s corny to say but some of my best memories are when I  felt good & had motivation, when you aren’t worried about how you look and which way to sit so you don’t look a certain way or how you looked eating something. It all plays into your day to day life and life is just way short to not feel amazing or almost amazing every day. Find an outlet like boot camps , or yoga. Or even just speaking to a fitness coach like Forrest or Anthony.Find a way to be around people who can help push that motivation to the surface. People who can help you remember or even find what motivates you so that you can be that role model to your daughter or brother or to whomever is important in your life because you never know who’s looking at you searching for their own piece  of motivation.


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