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Registered nurse gets healthy with the Way Of Life team

Please enjoy and be inspired by today’s guest blogger, Rose Dominia.  Rose is what we call a SHE-RO…yes, that’s the female version of a hero.  Learn about her success story here and make sure to leave a comment below!  

Rose trains remotely from San Francisco, CA.  She has participated in our live trainings, our Way Of Life 21-Day Detox and our 6-Week Transformation Contest with great success.  Read and be inspired!  Thank you, Rose, you are an AMAZING person on so many levels.  Keep up the great work! – Coach Forrest

LOVE Yourself, LOVE your Health

Hello everyone.  My name is Rosemarie Dominia and I am 28 years old and am born and raised in San Francisco.

I have been a registered nurse for seven years.

I met Forrest about 2 years ago when the Daly City Way Of Life Boot Camp location existed.  As all of you know, Forrest is great.  One of his greatest gifts is to inspire others to be healthy by tailoring his interventions to the individual.  He is truly special and we are lucky to have him.  He has helped me to make great strides in my health.  rose before headshot face 225x300 Registered nurse gets healthy with the Way Of Life team

Forrest asked if I could share my personal story with all of you.

I am all for sharing to help others.  However, this is the first time I have shared my struggles with health and to warn you, it will get a bit personal.

We all struggle in maintaining our health for different reasons.  Mine is more of a psychological battle.


 Growing up, I was bullied and called ugly and many other names due to chronic eczema.

I grew up in an area that is primarily surrounded by fast food joints such as McDonalds or Burger King.

Going to the liquor store, sodas and candies were the most accessible.

I come from a Filipino family where the food is DELICIOUS, but not necessarily NUTRITIONAL.  I was a skinny child.

In 2003, I started college and gained the Freshmen 50.  My weight increased to 165-170 pounds.  I was pre-hypertensive with elevated cholesterol levels in my early 20’s.

This was the most I had ever weighed in my life.  Pants size = 12-14.  Over the years I lost weight, via stress, but would normally fluctuate between 128-135 pounds. I never really paid attention to exercise and thought since I was young that my body can handle it and recover on its own.

Fast forward to 2013, this was a difficult year.

I was rear-ended twice very heavily, which exacerbated my shoulder injuries.  Around that time, I found out that my mother’s cancer metastasis had progressed.  My cholesterol levels were once again elevated and were higher than in my early 20’s.

I knew I had to make immediate changes.  My doctor suggested that I try life style modifications to decrease my cholesterol and if it was still elevated after 6 months, to start on a medication.

I had every intention to not be on a pill for the rest of my life.

For 6 months, I had exercised at least twice per week and had eaten the best I could.  When I rechecked my levels in December of 2013, they were back to normal.

I was extremely happy to see the improved results.   But yet again, the holidays came around and I started to eat irresponsibly.  I was feeling bloated, gassy, moody, irritable and gained weight.  I could not fit into any of my pants. 

I decided to join the Way Of Life 21-Day Detox in January and did what I could with improved results.

Screen Shot 2014 06 17 at 5.07.19 PM e1403051287345 Registered nurse gets healthy with the Way Of Life team

After the detox I slipped into bad eating habits, yes again…  Additionally, shortly after the end of the detox, I was hit once again; yes, a third car accident in February.  It was a side swipe while I was on my way to work.

I remember looking at the sky after I was hit and asked the universe “why?”

This traumatized me.

When an incident occurs multiple times in your life, you cannot help but wonder if there is a lesson to be learned.

Taking a step back, it made me realize that I put my job, my family and my friends before my own health.

In hindsight, the third accident was an epiphany; it pushed me in the right direction to focus on ME. 

To be honest, I never felt comfortable in my own body.

I always had the memories of being called “ugly” and “disgusting” in the back of my mind.

Although my love would call me beautiful, I would never believe it because I could not see it myself.   But I was already exercising, I had the knowledge in my mind and knew what the right thing to do for my health was, but never did it.  Why?



This transformation challenge came at a perfect time and it was the perfect opportunity to practicing this new realization.  This was truly a challenge because it was the first time I had to confront my inner hate to see the value in my own health.

I wanted to prove to myself that I was worth it to be healthy and beautiful.

rose workout 300x300 Registered nurse gets healthy with the Way Of Life team

The definition of beauty varies from individual to individual.  For me, it was to look into the mirror and say, “This is the Rose that I am, and that is the Rose that is perfect in her own way.”

In the beginning, the requirements of this challenge were difficult.  How do I reach 120 grams of protein and 50 net carbohydrates per day?

How do I take this coconut oil without gagging?  It seemed impossible.

But I always reminded myself that I am doing this to nurture my health.  The difficulties that existed in the beginning, eventually faded into loving each meal I prepared and consumed and loving each exercise and drop of sweat I perspired.

The transformation challenge essentially became a way of life.

 I realized that in order to love your health, you have to love what you are doing to strive for good health.

For me, it is to eat healthy, kickboxing and dancing.

My belief is that humans are driven to achieve a goal by their passion, because it results in a “feel good” attitude.   Think about it… every craving of “chocolate” is because you “love” the taste of it because it stimulates your brain to temporarily release endorphins that make you “feel good.”  Why do something that makes you feel like you are suffering?  Can broccoli or exercise have the same affect?

Ask yourself the question: “What things could you “love” to do or be passionate about that result in a healthy outcome?”

There is not one answer; there is not a right answer.  Like life, we are in the midst of constant change.  The more exact question is, “What thing could you love to do or be passionate about in the moment that results in a healthy outcome?”

Sometimes creating short term goals is more achievable, because it is realistic in the moment.  Goals change, because we change, our life changes day to day, hour to hour and every second.

I am not a perfect individual.  I have my strengths and my weaknesses.

I continue to make mistakes but attempt to get back up and try again.  But this challenge is the beginning of a new adventure.  What is different this time is that I have more control of being an advocate for my own health.  My hope is that you can find that in yourself and to share your success with others. 


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100 Ways to make your fitness a Way Of Life

You’ve been let down.

You’ve failed.

You keep going one step forward and two steps back.

You’ve tried everything at one time or another.

You’ve realized you are your own worst enemy at times.

You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.

…and you’ve finally come to that fitness has GOT TO BE A WAY OF LIFE.


It’s time to take back the control, gain energy, lose the weight and keep it off, and make fitness a regular part of your lifestyle for good.

For me, fitness had to become a lifestyle.

After years of having poor eating habits (Carls Jr. was a regular hang out for me for years), smoking cigarettes (I smoked from age 12 to about age 23), drinking alcohol and doing drugs (I almost destroyed my life and had to hit rock bottom before turning it around), and having low self-esteem and body issues (I was skinny with a beer belly – ET the extra terrestrial is NOT a good look to attract the opposite sex or feel good about yourself, people!) I was ready for a change.

I started hanging out with people I wanted to be like, I joined a martial arts program, I spent time in the weight room, I focused my body and mind and breath and became a bad ass through hard core training.

Since then I’ve teamed up with some of the greatest fitness pros and we have changed thousands of lives with our message – take care of your body, and your body will take care of your mind.  Take care of your mind and your mind will take care of your life (wise words straight from my grandmother during my lowest point in my life.  These words literally saved me and changed me forever!)

So today I bring to you all my experience in making fitness a way of life so that YOU can start creating the best version of yourself today!

1) Breathe.  Practice deep, diaphragm breathing at least 5 minutes every day.

2) Have a vision.

forrest anthony vanessa football runs  300x199 100 Ways to make your fitness a Way Of Life

3) If you have pain or anger, let it be your fuel, a catalyst for change.

4) Stop comparing yourself to other people.

5) Drink a gallon of water per day…if you’re a smaller individual, 3/4 of a gallon should be fine.

6) Prep your meals.  If you fail to plan you plan to fail.

7) If it doesn’t work, stick to it until it does work.

8) If it still doesn’t work, then try something else.  Everyone has a “key”…the trick is to find YOUR key.

9) Recognize that when you put yourself first, you’ll have more energy to help others in your life.  You are NOT being selfish by putting yourself first, so get that out of your head right now!

10) Eat organic almond butter and apples for a between meal snack…best snack ever! Yum!!

11) Don’t take yourself too seriously.  Take your training seriously, take your work seriously, take your life seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously.

12) Give till it hurts.  If you want to get the most out of life, you’ve got to be a giver…and give until it hurts!  …and don’t expect anything in return!  The universe will reward you in unexpected ways.

13) Create a strong, burning desire and get obsessed.  Some call it obsession, some call it passion.  Either way, get crazy-focused on your goals and obsess over them because that’s what it takes to make them happen!

14) Stop worrying about what other people think!  So what you passed on the birthday cake!  Who cares what other people think about you when you turned it down!  Stop caring about what everyone else thinks.  It’s YOUR life!!

15) Move every day.  You don’t have to workout with 110% hard-core, high intensity weights and slam out 100 burpees every day.  Just move every day.  Some days more, some days less, but make movement a daily ritual that you enjoy.

16) Enjoy your fitness.  Whatever you do, if you’re not having fun and enjoying at least some aspect of your fitness training you won’t keep it up.  Make sure you have fun.

17) Stop getting in your own way.  The biggest enemy you have is that person in the mirror.  Stop being the one to screw things up for yourself.

gaby carlos jessica jennifer 5k 300x300 100 Ways to make your fitness a Way Of Life

18) Get a coach.  A coach will make sure you don’t keep screwing things up for yourself!

19) Follow a proven system or formula.  If others are getting results, there’s no reason you can’t too…unless you keep getting in your own way, in which case go back to #17 and #18!

20) Eat more protein.  Most women need about 120 grams of protein and men 180 grams of protein when living a fitness lifestyle and exercising regularly.  This is just an estimate, but most people are about half that number and it’s no wonder they aren’t seeing results.

21) Log your food.  You don’t have to log forever, but logging food especially in the beginning is critical to knowing how many calories you eat.  Use myfitnesspal app or website for a free food log software.

22) Stop believing the magazines.  They use after effects for the photos, and most of the articles just confuse us with fake lines from famous people that make us believe they’v found the holy grail of fat loss such as “pilates makes my muscles lean” or “no carbs is the best way to lose stubborn belly fat”.  Yes, both of those statements are false.

23) Take a hike.  No…really, hiking is great for your body and mind!

24) Eat 5-6 small meals per day instead of 2-3 large meals per day.

25) Do kettlebell training.  It’s a great way to burn calories and build lean muscle without adding impact to your joints.

26) When doing cardio, HIIT training is the way to go.  It stands for High Intensity Interval Training and can be done during a boot camp circuit or on a cardio machine.  Try 2-2-1.  That’s 2 minutes easy pace, 2 minutes medium pace, and 1 minute all out effort.  4 rounds of this and your fat is going to burn baby, burn!

27) Change it up.  Most of the year you need to eat for balance, but every once in a while change up your nutrition for 2 weeks t0 6 weeks at a time.  This can help break plateaus and keep you focused.

28) Twice per year do a detox.  It doesn’t need to be just juice, either.  You can do a whole foods detox with brown rice and organic fruits and vegetables, for example.

bootcamp5 300x149 100 Ways to make your fitness a Way Of Life

29) Join a fat loss contest.  These can be a fun way to drop some serious weight fast!

30) Embrace the fitness lifestyle.  Although kick-starting your fat loss and breaking plateaus is essential to your success, don’t lose sight of the big picture and make sure you embrace the fitness lifestyle.

31) Exercise with friends!

rick pic 300x249 100 Ways to make your fitness a Way Of Life

32) Read some good books on fitness such as Nutrient Timing by Dr. John Ivy or Body-For-Life by Bill Phillips.

33) If you want to try Paleo, visit and you’ll find it a great resource!

34) If vegan or vegetarian is your thing, make sure you get enough protein to repair and rebuild your muscle after exercise.

35) Take glutamine.  It’s a great supplement that helps you rebuild lean muscle.

36) Use a pair of tight jeans to check your progress when trying to tone up or lose weight.

37) Be consistent.  If you’re not consistent, you’ll never accomplish a darn thing!  Push through and persevere!

38) Join a boot camp.  It’s the best way to get fit!  Text “FREE WEEK” to 650-771-5149 to start now!

39) Don’t procrastinate.  No…really…don’t procrastinate.  It will never be the perfect time to start, so you might as well start now.

40) Eat quinoa.  It’s a seed that kinda tastes like rice and is a great carbohydrate and it also has protein.

41) Drink power-packed smoothies with protein and fresh fruits.

42) Drink green tea.

43) Start your day with a tall glass of water with a lemon in it to kick start your liver and get your metabolism going.

44) Don’t fool yourself and think you’re being good to your heart by drinking wine every day.  Want to be good to your heart?  Than exercise, breath and drink water!

45) Take a bike ride.  Why?  It’s fun and it’s great exercise.

46) Squat heavy.  If you want to get strong you’ve got to squat…and squat heavy.

47) Work out outdoors and inside.  Variety is key!

48) Do yoga at least once per week.

49) Try a martial art for at least 1 year in your life.

50) Read “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olsen.

51) Watch Netflix documentaries on food such as “Fed Up”, “Food Inc.” and “Forks Over Knives”.  These really wake you up as to what’s really going on in the food industry.

52) Another great documentary is “Hungry For Change”.  It’s a must see.

53) Choose to hang around health-minded people.  This will put you right there with them!

54) Eliminate or phase out people in your life that are toxic to you.  Life is too short and you don’t need their shit.

55) Be kind to yourself and others.

56) Start and end each day with 5 things you are grateful for in your life right now.  This is a very powerful practice.

57) Create a vision board for your health.

58) Train with battle ropes.  They burn major calories and they’re fun!

59) Listen to your body.  This is a skill you must develop.  If your body tells you something hurts than stop!  If you injure yourself you won’t be able to exercise at all.

60) Stop thinking that you have to work out to the point of throwing up for exercise to be effective.  It should be challenging and leave you feeling spent, but you shouldn’t be going to the point of barf every session…once in a while when you first start it can happen, but puking doesn’t mean you got a great workout.

61) Speak to your coach.  If you need something different, speak to your coach.  He or she is not a mind reader, so communication is key.

62) Respect your coaches and mentors.  Always give more than you take when it comes to coaches and mentors.  My coaches and mentors have given me so much of which I am eternally grateful.

IMG 6722 200x300 100 Ways to make your fitness a Way Of Life

Left to right: Marina Shafir, Nichole Steel, Alexis Steel, Ronda Rousey.

63) Don’t have an attitude of entitlement.  The world doesn’t owe you nothin’.

64) If you want to see progress do exactly as your coach tells you.  If he says log your foods, then log your foods!  He’s not just saying this to be nice!

65) Do sprints on the beach.  Wow, this is a great one!

66) Do sprints up hills.  Another killer workout!

67) Do stairs.  Oh yeah…stairs!!

68) Stop thinking crunches will flatten your stomach.  Abs are made in the kitchen.  It takes cardio, weights and nutrition to get a slimmer midsection.

69) Buy yourself some new workout clothes and shoes.  This will motivate you to stay active.

70) Be a good role model to your friends and family.  They don’t care so much about what you tell them, but believe me, if you change they’ll be forced to look at themselves and make a change too.

71) Don’t take things personal.

72) Expect resistance from others if you’re making a change to better yourself.  This might piss you off, but it’s inside of human nature to feel threatened when someone close to us is getting ahead in life because they are used to dealing with the old you, they don’t know how to deal with the new you, at least not right away.

73) Feel the fear and do it anyway.

74) Enough with the excuses.  We sometimes have very noble excuses, reasons and justifications as to why we should procrastinate.  The time is now!

75) Be in the now.  If you’re always thinking of the future you become anxious.  If you’re always thinking of the passed you get depressed.  Learn to be in the now.

76)  Practice meditation.  Meditation is not a religious thing.  Meditation is not another word for relaxation.  Meditation is a technique for getting in tune with the present moment.  Learn to meditated and practice for 10-30 minutes each day.

77) Shop the perimeter.  When you get your groceries, focus on non-packaged and non-processed food items which are typically found in the perimeter of the grocery store.

78) Learn your macros.  The 3 macronutrients are carbohydrates, proteins and fats.  Learn about each one, because they are all essential to operating your body and staying lean and healthy.

79) Stop trying to win a war with food.  You can’t.  Instead, learn to optimize what you eat and when you eat it and form a new, healthy relationship with the foods you eat.

80) Don’t eat fast food.  This is a no-brainer.  Have you seen “Super Size Me”?  Nuff said.

81) Push-ups.  Yes, they are simple and still one of the best exercises of all time for upper body and core.

82) Stretch.  You’re tight from sitting in front of a computer and behind the wheel of your car.  Regular stretching is a MUST!

83) Focus on your bodyfat %, not just your weight.

JAVIER ANDRADE BEFORE AND AFTER 300x300 100 Ways to make your fitness a Way Of Life

84) Stop getting all emotional and stepping on the scale every day!  Once per week should be fine.  Your body will fluctuate as much as 6 lbs in a day due to water weight.

85) You are NOT your weight on a scale.  Stop judging your self worth by what a scale tells you, or what someone else tells you, or even what the world tells you.  YOU determine your self-worth.  PERIOD!

86) Don’t re-invent the wheel.  Find what the successful are doing and copy them.

87) Strengthen your subconscious mind and recognize that willpower doesn’t work.  You must become the person you want to be in your mind first.  What the mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve!

88)  Stop nagging people around you about exercising.  They’ll do it when they’re ready.  You can’t change people, you can only support them and empower them to make a choice.

89) Take responsibility for yourself.

90) Take a multi-vitamin, glutamine, a fish oil, and protein powder as your “core 4″ supplements.

91) Realize supplements aren’t necessary, but they sure do help!

92) Attitude is EVERYTHING.

93) Find an NLP practitioner to help you with a successful mindset.

94) Be part of a community.  And learn to give back to that community.

95) Pay it forward by sharing your community with others.  Don’t be greedy and keep your fitness lifestyle to yourself.

96) Try chi-gong, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Feldenkrais, Pilates, Yoga, tai chi, and other modalities to give yourself a better understanding of your body, mind, spirit connection.

97) Read “Eat, Move, and Be Healthy” by Paul Chek.

runners club bubble 300x225 100 Ways to make your fitness a Way Of Life

98) Realize that everything is pattern, and all pattern can be changed.

99) Love yourself.

100) Go back to your breathing.


101) Watch Youtube videos of inspirational and transformation with people such as Lisa Nichols, Eric Thomas, Les Brown, Joel Olsteen, Wayne Dyer.

102) Watch “The Secret”.  It’s on Netflix and is a MUST SEE.

103) Watch “What the Bleep Do We Know”.  Also on Netflix.

Have some more to add?  Put them in the comments section below!



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