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Little Black Dress 6-Week Challenge is here (ladies only)

This year, for the ladies, we’re doing something different.


Something a little crazy, but bare with me here.

It’s meant for the lady that has a bit of a wild side, so if this isn’t you, please don’t be offended, BUT please share it with someone you think would be a good fit.  ;  )

However, if it IS you, please read on:

What we’ve put together is a “LITTLE BLACK DRESS” 6-week challenge (ladies only).

We wanted to do something fun and outrageous, like the time we took 20 ladies on a party bus to a Magic Mike movie, lol!

But we want to go bigger this time!

This time we’re taking the ladies out to Lips in San Diego, which is a “drag queen dinner party” that everyone will wear a “little black dress” to.

And the little black dress is where we come in.  ;  )

We’re going to do a 6-Week Challenge to lose between 10 – 20 pounds of fat so that you’re confident and looking slammin’ in that little black dress!

We’ll give you everything you need, the waist-trimming HIIT workouts, the booty-lifting butt exercises, the leg-toning “Beyoncé​” thigh routine, the backless dress back-scupting routine, and the sexy-arm toning, jiggle-eliminating “Michelle Obama” arm routine.

Plus, not only do we have a nutrition program perfect for this, but we’ll be keeping you accountable to that program for 6 weeks, despite this contest being done through Thanksgiving and around the holidays.

You see, we’ve specially formulated this plan so that Thanksgiving and holiday parties work with you instead of against you!

We’ll show you what to eat and what to avoid so that instead of gaining 7 – 10 pounds like most people will do this holiday season, you’ll lose 10 – 20 or more pounds and can step into 2017 in your best shape EVER!

Here’s what the LITTLE BLACK DRESS 6-WEEK CHALLENGE includes:


  • Training in the “Ladies ONLY / Fit Moms” private group with Coach Gaby Jimenez 3x/week (6am or 6pm Tues/Thurs and 6am Saturday)


  • UNLIMITED boot camp sessions (over 45 sessions per week!)


  • A super fun “Red Carpet” photo shoot on location!


  • Cover charge to LIPS in San Diego! (and if we can reach our goal of 20 ladies enrolled, we’ll also arrange a party bus!! …make sure to invite your friends!)


  • BEST transformation wins 3 months FREE Fit Moms / Ladies Only training (or 6 months boot camp)

We will have one orientation this Saturday Oct. 29th and if you miss it, one more orientation next Sat Nov 5th.

Then we’ll officially start on Nov. 7th and finish on Dec. 19th.

The party at Lips will be after the holidays, most likely on January 7th (but this may change after we poll everyone to see when the best date is).


All you have to do for the referral contest is bring friends to the orientation day and have them join in!

To join you MUST attend the Orientation —>>>

(Any current Fit Moms who want to join in the challenge can join FREE by getting 2 friends OR pay a small fee added to your current Fit Moms membership, see Coach Gaby Jimenez for details)

Here’s your chance to do something fun for yourself, and to prove to yourself that YOU are going to make it a habit to PUT YOURSELF FIRST by finishing 2016 strong and entering 2017 with your absolute best energy ever!

Lips – THE place for celebrations! from Lips Restaurant on Vimeo.

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