The 4-step method to going BEAST MODE in your boot camp!

“Beast mode” isn’t about an idea – BEAST MODE is literally a state of mind.

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Beast mode is about going to the highest level of pure, primal strength that lies within yourself to overcome anything that’s in front of you.

…And the strength we’re talking about isn’t just physical.  It’s a combination of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strength.  It’s EVERYTHING you’ve got inside yourself to give, and when you’ve spent every last bit of energy you STILL give more…that’s what BEAST MODE is really all about!

When we think of “beast mode” we think of workouts with tires, sledgehammers, medicine balls, chains, and crazy bodyweight exercises.  But really, true beast mode is a state of mind you can generate in ANY situation in your life to get things done.



  • Students can go BEAST MODE in their studying to pass an exam.


  • A musician can go BEAST MODE on a drum solo.


  • Parents can go BEAST MODE to pay the rent and put food on the table.


  • A basketball player can go BEAST MODE on a dunk.


  • An executive can go BEAST MODE to hit the presentation out of the park.




  • And of course you can go BEAST MODE with fat loss!  Here’s one of our clients, Amor.  Wow, she’s a lady BEAST!!  Nice work, Amor!!
Amor went BEAST MODE with fat loss at Way Of Life Boot Camp!

Amor went BEAST MODE with fat loss at Way Of Life Boot Camp!


Yes, we’d like YOU to apply the concept of BEAST MODE into your life, and by generating the beast mode state of mind in your workouts you learn to translate that to other areas of your life as well.

Sometimes it’s about that right moment in that right situation that challenges you to bring up more than you thought you had within yourself, and when you do, you grow as a person by building strength where it really counts – from inside.

If you’ve never had a chance to tap into your inner beast, you may be asking “How do I go beast mode?”

Well, it’s simple really.  There’s nothing complicated about it.  However, just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy.  If you’re not used to generating that type of intensity you may have to work up to it.

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If you’re not sure how to go BEAST MODE, here’s the Way Of Life Boot Camp 4-Step Method to BEAST MODE you can use to begin to tap into your inner beast:

STEP 1:  Own it.  Start believing in yourself and OWN IT.  This isn’t some esoteric statement.  It literally means to own your space and the activity you are currently engaged in.  In means being completely present and “with it”.

Within that space is an immensely strong stillness inside you like a mountain.  Then you take that mountain of mental presence you have inside of you and you smash it over the head of the task you are engaged in.  That’s BEAST MODE!

Step 2:  Posture.  Stand with strength.  Connect your feet to the earth and feel rooted in your stance.  Keep your knees slightly bent and feel a connection between the sky above and the earth below.

Your body is an electrically charged superconductor and by having the right posture and stance, and most importantly being aware that your posture is indeed having a HUGE effect on your state of mind, you then use your posture to generate an energy field in and around yourself that feels incredibly indestructable.  Now that’s some BEASTIN’ baby!

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Step 3: Empty your mind.  If your mind is too cluttered with thoughts, you can’t reach your true BEAST MODE potential.  If you’re thinking about how you look to others, about being polite, about not making weird sounds or not looking cool then you’ll never reach true beast mode.  To really tap into your inner beast, you’ve got to go to that place within yourself where nothing else matters.

There’s a powerful empty space that in impossible to describe unless you experience it because within that empty space is an incomprehensible aliveness that brings not only power, by joy and peace into whatever you are doing.  Even if it looks chaotic and primal and devastating, when you experience your inner beast your mind will be clear and your actions will be powerful and completely in-tune with the intent of your purpose.

Step 4: Breathing.  The last step of beast mode is breathing…which is so important that this should be the first AND the last step!  Your breathing is your connection to your ancestry.  Your breathing is your connection to the primal power within you that originates back to the beginning of time itself.  With each breath you take in oxygen, new life.  With each exhale you release carbon dioxide, the waste and toxins.  Your breath should move with your activity in rhythm.

If you’re slamming a sledgehammer or hitting those last few reps on the bench, you need to just “AAAAAhhhhhhh!!”  If you’re holding back your breath or yell (in Japanese they call this a Kiai) then you are holding back your power and inner potential.  Become one with your breath and yell it out when you need to generate the beast inside yourself.  That’s right!  BEAST IT OUT!!!  GGGRRRRRRROOOOOOWWWL!!

With this 4-step method, you’re off to a great start, but really your beast mode is something unique to you.  Once you get it down, throw the techniques and strategy and method out the window.  Once you get it down, you can just “flip the switch” and hit beast mode whenever you need it.  Become ONE with your ability to tap into the beast mode state of mind and most of all apply it in your life!

Here’s a video with one of our Way Of Life Boot Campers, Soo-Ji!  She explains how she used BEAST MODE to lose 25 lbs in our boot camp!

We’d like to hear your thoughts about getting into beast mode in the comments section below!!

Soo-Ji went BEAST MODE on her fat loss!!  Here are her actually measurements which she had given us permission to share with you!

Soo-Ji went BEAST MODE on her fat loss!! Here are her actually measurements which she had given us permission to share with you!





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